Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dryer time!

So this morning while I was getting ready to take Jackson to his -what's the PC way to say "smokin' hot"?-- doctor, and my kids were no where to be found. I finally checked the laundry room with two plaid outfits in one hand and gel for their hair in the other when I saw this.
I thought it was absolutely hillarious, so I ran and grabbed my camera and they were happy enough to say cheese, as I am pretty sure they originally assumed a time out was coming, this was a happy trade-off. Funny kids!
I love that Colby is standing up in the back, and there is still a ton of room, man that's a big dryer!


  1. Jackson looks SO much like fred! especially in that bottom photo! what fun kids!!!!

  2. That's funny. My kids wouldn't fit in the one here cuz there's almost always clothes in it.

  3. How cute are your kids!!?? I love having two boys. How far apart are yours?

  4. Thanks! I LOVE having boys as well! Mine are 22 months apart-- and that gap seems to be smaller every day! They love being together and that's what I always wanted!